“He’s the best kept secret in Rock & Roll…and I found him!”
– Melissa Etheridge

“Philip…when you went out to space on the guitar… I thought, I’m going to learn how to play the guitar! ‘Cause if you can get that kind of feeling from a guitar, I would like that!”
– Oprah Winfrey

“Who the fuck is that guitar player!? Pretty amazing, Philip”
– Jon Bon Jovi, GRAMMY Event

“Clapton, Page, Hendrix…Philip Sayce. The young guitarist reviving Blues-Rock.”
– London Metro, UK

“Welcome Philip Sayce, blues-rock’s new favorite guitar player”
– Mick Taylor, Guitarist UK Feature

“Having cut his teeth working with the likes of Jeff Healey and Melissa Etheridge, this singer songwriter is one of rock’s best-kept secrets… But if he keeps playing shows like this, the Welshman isn’t going to stay that way for long.”
– Andy Gibbons, London Daily Star UK

“Continuing his full throttle assault towards blues-rock’s crown, this incredible guitarist is shooting straight from the heart.”
– Guitarist, UK

“Steamroller is the best blues-rock album of the past 10 years.”
– Sylvain Berger Guitar Part Magazine, France

“Welsh-born, L.A.-based Philip Sayce, piling on the super-sized riffs with the minimum of fuss and adornment on Steamroller.”
– Q Magazine, UK

“Steamroller: Sayce rolls out a heavyweight performance. 4 ½ stars”
– Guitarist, UK

“Steamroller shows why Philip Sayce is a force to be reckoned with it. The album is an early contender for Album of the Year in 2012 and should continue to build his rapidly growing fan base.”
– Blues Rock Review

“Sayce is on the brink of something quite spectactular”
– Rush On Rock, UK

“Everything you’ve read about Philip Sayce is true…and then some! A genius and this has got to be one of the blues/rock albums of the year. A perfect blend of rock, blues, funk and soul – something for everyone.”
– David Wilson, Rock Zone UK

“Like caged animals, the crowd were roaring and ready for new blues-rock sensation Philip Sayce to stride the stage tonight…sexed up and absolutely unmissable.”
– Alaina Henderson, Southsonic, UK

“Sayce makes colossal, emotionally intense anthems inspired by a mixture of classic British blues rock…One to watch.”
– Amy Dawson, London Metro UK

“Steamroller is a strikingly raw, no-holds-barred riff fest that takes Sayce to a new level.”
– Guitar & Bass, UK

“The release of Steamroller has animated Sayce, recognized as one of the best live guitarists in the planet.”
– Sheffield Star, UK

“The first five tracks off “Steamroller” are simply magical. The former Jeff Healey Band and Uncle Cracker guitarist are coming up with licks and tricks of highest intense and order.”

“Sayce may be one of the best blues guitar heroes flying under the radar.”

“His new album Steamroller is an amazing showcase of an up and coming hidden jewel that is ready to begin a journey that will take him everywhere he needs to go to be the best of the best.”
– Word Krapht